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What makes the work of Vinland Forge special is the obsession with detail. Our artists have a great love for honoring traditions of the past and are highly equipped with a unique set of skills.

Vinland Forge completely tailors each project to the client. We design and build every element of your vision from scratch. This allows us to achieve a harmony among parts that provides overall fluidity and an organic feel to the entire project.

We use traditional blacksmithing techniques and tools on every project by default. Hand tools such as the hammer and anvil are used to work the iron bit by bit after it has been heated in a coal forge. The hammering process, and the use of traditional joinery, lends a unique and human texture to the iron, revealing each work as distinctively hand made... never mass-produced.

We feel strongly that "hand made" should represent the highest level of quality and rarity.

Beyond these details, our passion is obvious, and we feel confident that you'll enjoy our work and find something unique and new every time you view it.


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John Holler



John E. Holler learned the art of blacksmithing in the famous “lowcountry” of South Carolina: the state in which he was born and raised.  He completed a traditional craftsman's education working alongside, and learning from, a variety of tradesmen as both an apprentice and as a journeyman.

He studied under two master smiths: Jay Close and Richard Guthrie, both of Virginia, as well as under Lance Crow who was a successful modern blacksmith in Asheville, NC.  He also worked with Ted Shuster, at Prairie Forge in Iowa, making  wrought iron furniture for architects and designers in Chicago.  Further experience followed at Les Metalliers Champenois in New Jersey restoring ironwork in Newport, RI, and NYC. He spent additional time alongside "Yaw", a nephew of the renown Charleston blacksmith and beloved South Carolinian, Philip Simmons.  

Currently, John resides in Leesville, SC where he creates ironwork professionally.


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