All custom designs are one of a kind, and specifically tailored to each client:


Staircase and Balcony Railings

Entry and Garden Gates

Fireplace Screens

Fine Tools and Instruments

Forged Bronze and other Exotic Metals


Mixed-Material Projects (eg. Iron with Marble, Wood, etc.)


Custom Locks

Mechanical Devices


Period-Correct Restoration

Historic Preservation


Precious Metal Inlaying

Custom Finishes and Guilding

Wall Hangings



(Many more upon request)




What is "Wrought Iron"?

The term "Wrought Iron" is commonly misused today to denote a traditional European style. However, true wrought iron is a material comprised of iron and silica, and has unique properties such as natural corrosion resistance. Unfortunately, true wrought iron is an extinct material and hasn't been produced in many decades. We at Vinland Forge feel that it is important to make this distinction, as decorative ironwork today is confusingly sold as "wrought iron" - including steel, plastic, and aluminum products.

On request, Vinland Forge is capable of sourcing older scrap wrought iron, reworking it, and using that stock as a material for your project. In many ways it is a superior material and lends itself well to certain shapes.  Otherwise, mild steel is used unless a specific metal is requested (e.g., bronze).

We want you to be informed about your purchases and to know what you're getting, in all cases, and we hope that you will trust us to be a part of your next project. 


What is "Traditional Joinery"?

The term "traditional joinery" refers to the joining of elements together without either the use of machinery or hardware produced by machinery.  Examples include riveting, mortise and tenon, forge-welding, brazing, pass-throughs, collaring, and dove-tailing. All of these methods leave their own distinct fingerprint on a piece. 

By using traditional joinery, you are assured timeless beauty that never goes out of style, as well as a level of quality rarely seen in modern architectural metalwork.






Every project begins with an idea and a discussion. Based on those talks, whether over the phone, in person, or by email, a preliminary sketch is created.  This conceptual drawing will most likely prompt more detailed discussion and refinement of the idea until we are ready to move on to the next step in making your idea a reality.  Depending on the scope of the project, a site-visit may be necessary to get a feel for the space and to take measurements.



This is where the magic happens. By now, we have a clear picture of what you desire, and after taking into account all of the specific details that we've discussed, your personal tastes, and the style of the building that the ironwork will be a part of (if that is the case), then a detailed hand-rendering will be created and is yours to keep.  A "shop drawing" of the project is also created at this time, which is more technical, and is used internally for reference during construction.

It is here that we will ensure you know exactly what you're getting and that the design is precisely what you want.



After establishing a deadline and securing funds for upfront costs and materials, work begins.  You will be kept in the loop throughout this phase, as small, technical changes may need to be made or other questions answered.  Things should go smoothly and we will keep in constant contact to make sure that there are no surprises and you are at ease.



Vinland Forge offers installation on most of the ironwork that we create.  In most cases, there is no need to hire a separate craftsman to take care of this aspect.  We leave the space clean and will fix any errors, no questions asked.  If someone else does install one of our pieces, we leave detailed instructions for the proper way to do so, as well as providing the necessary hardware. 

We are as proud of our work as you will be to display it in your home. If it's alright with you, we may take a few photos.



Let's Get Started

Vinland Forge is more than happy to discuss any project ideas with you, or address any thoughts and questions you may have.  Feel free to get in touch and let us know how we can help.